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Portable UV Sterilizer with Ozone NF-201

1. Special for small spaces like cars, fridges, washing machines, cabinets, restrooms, pet houses, luggages, etc.

2. Dual sterilization of UVC and Ozone, and sterilization is up to 99.99%

3. 360°comprehensive anti virus

4. 30 seconds delay to start up

5. Child-safety lock

6. Two timing modes of 15mins and 30mins

7. Built-in 700mAh battery, durable and long-lasting

8. Mini size and compact, portable and convenient

9. Built-in magnet on the bottom makes it adsorbable, also available to stand and hang

10. Has been patented

Item No.: NF-201

Dimension: 61×61×152mm

Dual sterilization modes: UVC & Ozone

Built-in battery capacity: 700mAh

Input voltage: DC 5V 1A

Power: 2.5W

Tube lifetime: 8,000 Hours

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