◆ Unique contour(ask for and combine designers styles of  every nation), elegant structure.
◆ Made from top quality ABS material.
◆ Flaming protection.
◆ Super strong UV lamp perspective detection1×4W UV lamp..
◆ Extensive range of UV ray.
◆ Environmental protection; control UV radiation sphere and decrease the harm to body.
◆ It is suitable for the detection of all sort of paper currency,plastic currency,credit card,note,passport,invoice in the world.



◆ Accuracy:> 99.9%
◆ Dimension:219(D)×217(W)×103(H)mm
◆ Outer MEAS(24PCS):555(D)×470(W)×350(H)mm
◆ Power:220VAC/110VAC
◆ Power Consumption:<4W
◆ N.W:0.45KGS
◆ G.W/24PCS:13KGS