◆ Detecting currency:Euro, USD,GBP, Japanese yen, and Hong Kong dollar, even RMB and Other multinational currency.
◆ Detecting ways: UV, magnetic, safe line, spectrum,infrared, paper quality, image contrast,etc.
◆ Main function: high speed precise detecting, identify denomination, amount accumulative (these functions are optional for usd), can detect banknotes in any direction,front or backside scanning (dollars can only be detected in one direction), can connect with  computer to upgrade,optional battery tank


◆ Technical indicators:detecting speed: ≧ 100 pcs/minute
◆ Fuselage size: 262 (L) × 172 (M) × 100 (H) mm
◆ Weight: net weight: 0.7 KG; Gross weight: 1.0 KG