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UV Sterilizer
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UV Sterilizer NF-210

1. Available for bedrooms, dining rooms, living rooms, kitchens, classrooms, hospitals, offices, hotels, etc.

2. Sterilization rate is up to 99.99%, and mite removal rate is 100%. No residue

3. With buzzer to remind user to leave

4. Child-safety lock makes it safer

5. Automatic stop working when 360° intelligent radar senses there's a living body in the range of 5 meters

6. Three timing modes available

7. 30 seconds delay to start up

8. 360°comprehensive remote control

9. High quality quartz glass tube with high transmissivity and strong sterilization effec

Item No.: NF-210

Dimension: 119×119×263mm

Tube brand: Philips or other brands

Input voltage: 110V or 220V

Power: 18W

Timing: 15min, 30min, 60min

Operation: button and remote-controller

Application area: 20-40

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